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••• happy new year's eve •••
December 30, 2011

Hi, it's Marta again!
I had planned on doing a personal post about my favorite things (featuring books, nail polishes, shoes and others) of the year, that is now coming to an end, but my camera ran out of battery right when I was getting ready to take photos, so I was like.. whatever. I also wanted to show you the fashion books I got for Christmas but oh well.
I'll make a post like that, with pictures (a "room tour" maybe?), on another time!
I went sale shopping today, got some pretty good bargains. Make sure you go too while everything is cheaper, you can get great deals!
Tomorrow is the last day of 2011 - I'll spend the evening in a friends' house, what about you? :)

Anyways I gotta go, what a boring post this is, but I just wanted to wish you all a great year! xoxo

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