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Holiday Makeup Looks (with before&afters)
December 19, 2011
Ângela made a post related to Christmas a few days ago, so I though it would make sense to make my own as well :)
You know I'm not very interested in makeup in general, but I recently found this "game" on the Topshop website, where you can basically create your very own makeup look. It reminds me of those makeup games I used to play when I was younger! So I decided to use it as a pretext for a makeup post, I hope you like these ideas for the holidays.
Don't forget to try out the "game" yourself! You can upload a photo of you or use one of their models instead (that's what I did, I picked the beautiful Anais Pouliot as my model).

Look 1 - Natural
This is my favorite, it's such a simple look - it takes no effort or time.
Tip - the skin is the key! Using the right foundation and concealer will make it look matte (almost airbrushed), avoid oiliness and conceal any imperfection.
Great for - Christmas, or any time of the year really!

Look 2 - Sophisticated
This one is definitely more glamorous and night appropriate, with warmer/darker shades on the eyes, cheeks and lips.
Tip - you can use blush or bronzer to highlight your cheekbones and contour your face, to give it more of a sculpt shape.
Great for - an elegant winter dinner

Look 3 - Sexy
This look is for more daring girls - big lashes and super red lips.
Tip - the white on the corner of the eyes (on the waterline or even around the eyes, as an eyeliner) is a little trick to make them look brighter.
Great for - any party, if you dare!

Look 4 - Strong
This would be my second fave, it is definitely intense but quite neutral at the same time.
Tip - when doing a strong look, always try to have a main focus (in this case, the blue makeup on the eyes), while keeping the rest as simple as possible (skin and lips). You'll look your best.
Great for - New Year's eve

Which is your favorite from the four?

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