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The unconventional faces of beauty
January 10, 2012

Something I love about fashion is how it renews, transforms and changes itself. Modelling, in particular, is a business, and like any other business has its own basic requirements - height, measurements, the right look at the right time etc. Other than those, I love how ephemeral the rest of its standards are -from Twiggy, to Kate Moss, to the 90's supermodels, such as Christy and Naomi, beauty standards come and go.
Fashion is always hungry for new girls and fresh faces and now more than ever, it seems like the odder, the better. Here are my favorite unconventional beauties, that are more than merely "pretty" or even "normal" and truly stand out. Celebrate the uniqueness!

Masha Tyelna
I have a weakness for big eyes, and Masha surely takes the crown: her huge + bright blue eyes make me jealous, I have to confess haha. 

Iekeliene Stange
Blonde or brunette, Iek's cheekbones and teeth gap all together make her face really odd looking and remarkable.

Codie Young
I think Codie is an interesting little princess, and her lazy/sleepy eyes make her very special. And her "weirdness" photographs amazing.

Hanne Gaby Odiele
HG started off in 2006 and has already a stable career. Some hate her prominent forehead and chin, but hey, that's exactly her trademark.

Kelly Mittendorf
Since I talked with her, my love for this girl and her uniqueness (she could be the definition of that word) has grown even more.

Chloe Memisevic
Her face and overall gaunty look (and beautiful hair?) might not be loved by everyone, but makes Chloe truly memorable.


I find it really interesting to see how beauty standards evolve - or even better, how diverse they can be. (And I don't wanna sound too Lady Gaga, but I think it proves we're all beautiful one way or another, in our own way!) x

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