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February 3, 2012
As you probably noticed, we haven't been posting. That was because we needed time to think about the blog and make a decision about it - and we've decided now, so we want to tell you.
Right now we need more time for our lives (and for our other blogs and projects), so we'll stop BlushingCats for a while. But well, it's not forever! You can stop following us if you want to, but the blog won't be deleted, it will be kept (just not active), and we'll be back!
We're still so young, we have plenty of time to come back stronger than ever and make this blog even bigger and better. We don't know when we'll restart, it might be tomorrow, in a month or in a year (or more, who knows where life will take us) but BlushingCats will be back, that's for sure :)
So it's not a goodbye, but a see you soon!

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